We are serving in El Paso, TX, developing a network of people around the world who are caring for Missionary Kids (MKs), organizing Rendezvous & Rendezvous Plus events for MKs, and helping with the Nazarene Border Initiative.

Missionary Kid Care

Rendezvous is all about equipping the High School Aged children of our Nazarene Missionaries, for cultural re-entry, cultural transitions, and preparing them for their transition to adulthood; inviting these dear transcultural young people to present themselves to God, allowing Him to shape their Identity in Him. So far there have been Rendezvous events on the Asia Pacific & Mesoamerica Regions, but the aim is to host these 5-day Rendezvous on each Region of the Church of the Nazarene every 2 years. www.RendezvousMK.org

Rendezvous Plus is an annual event aimed at post high school aged Missionary Kids, helping them to make their cultural re-entry in real time. After High School, many MKs leave their families on the field to work or attend University in their Passport Culture, where they are officially a citizen, but may not consider ‘home’. Making this transition can be difficult for many MKs and the Church of the Nazarene has made it a priority to help them prepare.

MK Care is a significant part of our focus and time and most of our preparation and communication for this part of our assignment will happen online. This gave Global Mission the opportunity to strategically relocate us to a location where our physical presence could be utilized – El Paso, TX!

Nazarene Border Initiative

Nazarene Border Initiative is all about equipping, empowering, and encouraging volunteers, local churches and future missionaries; working closely with the Church of the Nazarene Districts on either side of the US/Mexico border to encourage and disciple young Hispanic/Latino leaders, training & mobilizing them for lives of service and missions.

We partner with Roberto and Rhesa Rodriguez in this ministry in El Paso, particularly in the Ministry Center, a.k.a. the Wenda House. This former residence has been remodelled with the help of many volunteers, to serve as a ministry center; helping NBI to live out the mission.

We have the privilege of living in the Wenda House, helping the Rodriguez family maintain the property, prepare the house for groups, and participate in their ministry efforts. For more info: facebook.com/nazarene.border.initiative

Please pray for us, our MKs, and for those we partner with in El Paso!