In the twenty years between first sensing a call to missions and then taking on this assignment, my understanding of what Missions IS, naturally, matured as I did. Since taking on this assignment however, my understanding has grown at an increased rate.

In the very opening session of our Global Mission Orientation, the first topic we covered was Mobilization…

What do we do, when we encounter someone who is sensing a call to missions themselves?

When we arrived in El Paso (almost 1 year ago!!), it quickly became clear, that a big part of our role here, would be to come alongside Hispanic/Latino young people who are sensing a call to missions and walking with them on their journey.

In the last month, we spent 2 weekends, one with the New Mexico District NYI (Nazarene Youth International), at their weekend retreat, and another with the leaders of the USA/Canada Region, Nazarene Missions International (NMI); sharing our story, and also what it means to live out God’s will for your life (see Micah 6:8). What a privilege it was to spend time with these two groups; and to partner with them, in developing new leaders, new missionaries, new pastors, new disciples; and inspiring local churches and youth groups to be passionate about the Mission.

What we have come to realize over the last 15 months in this assignment, is this: essentially, our job is mobilization. Yes, we have events to plan, lots of communicating to do, and groups to host; but essentially this is all about mobilizing and supporting those engaging in mission.

We work with NMI to fulfill their mission – to “mobilize the church in mission…” We work with Global Mission to “[assist] the local church in accomplishing God’s mission in the world.” Everywhere we go, whether, here in El Paso, at the NMI conference; when we communicate with Missionary Kids (MKs) wherever they are, and rally others to join the network of MK Care; as we share in deputation, and Faith Promise weekends; and as we work with young Hispanic/Latino church leaders here through the Envíame Project; in it all, we are mobilizing others, helping them to hear the call of God, and to find their place in the Mission of God in the world!

And indeed, this is what all Followers of Jesus are called to – to mobilization & discipleship; as we fulfil our collective mission to “Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations.” Discipleship, Mobilization, IS our work.

We Tarrants rejoice in you, our partners we have in this work! Thank you! May God guide you all today as you play your part in mobilizing the next generation of Kingdom Disciples!